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Greece is an Olive Tree

The Greek history, civilization and diet have been bound to the blessed olive tree since the ancient times.

Olive Trees in fog from website which refers to Kalamon Olives

Since 1930, our company, which is seated in Skoura, Lakonia (Sparti), is actively engaged in the production, processing, standardization and exportation of the world-renowned Kalamata Olives.

The company’s vision and aim is to always provide consumers worldwide with products of superior quality, safely, and with respect to the environment.


Kalamata Olives

Greek Table Olives

Black Edible Kalamon Olives in metal tin of website which refers to Kalamon Olives

Spartan Treasure
We are glad to participate at the 2023 Summer Fancy Food Show. Meet us at Floor 3 stand 2021

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